The Saviour

The Saviour


Clank…clink… “I better replace this messy ogre with something else. Its actions only add to my woes.” Leena picked a cloth and started wiping the kitchen table. 

The new entrant to her household was simply callous. As much as she hated it, she had no choice but to tolerate its tantrums. 

I feel sorry for you, dear, but you don’t have a choice here. You do need me; please be patient, I plea.  

A strange sensation bothered Leena. She scrutinized the room briefly. “Silly me! Who’d come here?” Thud! Clank! “I brought you home thinking you’d be of some help. But each day, you end up looking like a kid right out of a barrel of broth. It’s annoying. Don’t you know it takes time to clean you up?” 

 You put me on fire; leave me to burn on that pyre. And then you expect me to act like the air-fryer. So unfair! 

“Seems like I’m experiencing tinnitus.” Leena picked her ear, hoping to get rid of the feeling. “It’s all ‘cause of you. If only you behave, I can leave on time and return early, from work. But you’re too dumb to understand the worries of a lone human who manages all single-handedly.” 

I’m not a disgrace, and one day you’ll surely praise.  

“Arrgh! Leena poked her ear. I better rush before these faint whispers madden me.” 


Leena returned home quite late. “Uggh, I’m too tired to cook dinner. Wish I could afford a maid. I would’ve been spared from the ire of that impish caldron, at least. I’ll dump it in the garbage someday.”

Wish I could mend my ways and not oblige you to part ways.  

Leena scratched her ears. “Not again! I better cook dinner.” She stuffed the veggies in the cooker and put them on to boil. A call on her phone took her to the bedroom. Hence, she didn’t hear the kitchen window creak.  

Shiissh… Shiissh… Please turn around. Look, we’ve creepy visitors on our ground. Bluurrb…Bloorrb! This isn’t a mere noise, it’s my inner voice. I don’t want you to get hurt, thus trying to alert. 

Unaware of the impending danger, Leena cursed the boisterous vessel. She couldn’t identify the noise as a warning signal. The thugs were ready to pounce. 

It’s time to pay back; I’ll save you from the attack. My act might upset you later, but know that it’s for the better.

Right then, a loud explosion rattled the predators and the prey. After a moments silence, Leena spotted the thugs in the kitchen. The explosion caused severe burns and scalds; they were unidentifiable. Covered in vegetable chunks, they sat moaning in pain. Leena informed the cops to rush with an ambulance. 

Once the cops left, she picked the damaged vessel. “Your irate outburst left a mark on every corner, including my heart. I didn’t value you, kept cursing, and today, you saved my life.” She rubbed her moist eyes. “I will miss you. Thank you, dear saviour!” 
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