The Seven Stars of a Galaxy

The Seven Stars of a Galaxy

“Damn!” Namjoon muttered under his breath as yet another lyric sheet lay wasted on the studio floor. It was 3 am in the morning, clumsy as ever, he managed to knock down a desk calendar and a picture frame just next to his coffee.

“God of destruction,” he called out his nickname and proceeded to clean up the newest mess. A genial smile adorned his face as he scanned over the 7 faces staring back at him from the picture.

What if?

A 20 yr old Kim Seokjin had ignored the audition offer he received on the streets, as soon as he got off a bus? What if he had not boarded the bus at all? 

Ahhh…we wouldn’t be toasting to Mr Worldwide handsome! 

What if?

Teenaged rapper Min Yoongi would not have got tricked to be a part of the bulletproof scouts? Why did he not leave after the first dance rehearsal? He anyways spit fire and savagery regularly.

Would Agust D be even a reality then?

What if?

National level dancer Jung Hoseok would have not rejoined after he left once?  Often judged for his looks, he was the least popular for quite a long time. Anyone would have given up with disappointment in his place.

Sunshine and hope would just remain as words and never would have danced with glee!

What if?

The golden boy, a 13 yr old Jeon Jungkook would have chosen any of the other 6 bigger agencies for his debut? Why did he get so impressed with 16 yr old Namjoon’s rap verse, that he ended up risking his entire career to join a small agency?

What if?

Kim Taehyung would not have accompanied his friend for an audition, just for moral support? He was being a good friend but did he even realize; he would get selected instead?

Would this world still anoint a farmer from Korea as the Most Handsome Man in the world? 

What If?

Their 7th member, Park Jimin’s dance teacher had not encouraged him to audition?  What if they would have decided that 3 rappers and 3 vocalists are the perfect equilibrium? 

Little do we know that 7 is the number of completeness and perfection.

Namjoon stared at the 7th person in the frame – himself. 

What if?

Kim Namjoon would have succumbed to his own IQ of 148 and national level scholar status and never ventured into rapping? What if we would have lost yet another brilliant artist to the crowd of engineers, doctors, architects?

Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook – BTS!

Namjoon closed his eyes as the fan chants reverberated in his ears.

“I never believed in galaxies, till I saw one with my eyes today,” he recollected Taehyung’s childlike awe as in the lyrics of their song – Inner Child.

What was this magical journey they all were a part of? 

Serendipity …… He penned the title of their new song!
Author Note:
BTS (Bulletproof scouts in English) is a 7-member music group from South Korea – arguably the biggest musical group of our present time in the whole world. The 7 boys are now household names, thanks to their music and talent. 

Equally magical is their own story – their rise from a small agency to this worldwide phenomenon. Just tried to capture their essence. For more information, you all can google them.

Serendipity –  song from BTS album – Love yourself: Her

Inner Child – song from BTS album – Map of the Soul: 7
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