The Shining Star

A bud, a rose, a beautiful flower,
Here comes the beauty of a shining star

Oh hey! come let me show you the path
To the heaven afar where no man’s at par

This life, this regime has so much to give
Let’s open our arms to receive this gift

For how I know this can be something so ideal
Because it is so pure and surreal 

Show me my power I bend down to god
This is the intent of his power that I need throughout

Hey grant me love my lord almighty
You’re the strength that keeps us afresh and lively

The beauty of his freshness awakes
As we see the colors of his creations outbreaks

To all mankind let’s take a moment
And thank him for his kindness we must not abandon 

Don’t break those flowers and plant a fresh tree
for this is more than enough that comes for free

The serenity, the freshness, gives us all a new life
And we must save it for our generations to survive.



Charu is a young dreamer, highly adaptable to new innovation. Being open-minded she is passionate to accomplish a high level in freelance writing and research. From being in-charge of circulating various reports and minutes of meetings to members of the research team previously, she is now willing to contribute to poetry, high-quality content articles in various topics and blogs for websites.

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