The Siachen Guard

The Siachen Guard

A mountain so high
In the sheath of snow
In the white abyss of sky
Mans the gates to home

Every breath, a mercy of Lord
And every step in itself a goal
In the gusty blows he stares cold
Like a mere speck in the grand brawl

The icy blizzards and biting frost
Violent storms piercing lonely soul
For the sake of duty, he shall accost
Letting fate to take the final call

In the deadness of height
As the wraps unfold
Braves a fierce fight
Unknowing the foe whom to hold

Riddhi Katira
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One thought on “The Siachen Guard

  1. This is a nice poem with grand and dramatic touches. Though the poem shows great premise, there are lines which lack clarity. The line “Mans the gates to home” in the first stanza is missing with a main subject. The word “mans” has no prior reference from the previous lines. Also, the last stanza is incomplete with certain details. The readers could not understand what are the wraps referring to. The last line appears to lack coherence, as well. “Unknowing the foe whom to hold” requires a few more words to understand the poem fully.

    Nevertheless, this was a nice read. You have managed to describe the harsh reality of what it is to be a guard in the Siachen region.

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