The Silent Guest

The Silent Guest

He wished to be my silent guest,
I let him in and he did rest,
All my joys he just drove away,
Turning my bright days somber gray.

Once I made him my companion, 
I soon fell into depression,
In solitude, I seemed to dwell,
Into a dark abyss I fell.

Consumed I was by the darkness,
Seeds of hope, I failed to harness,
I savored the lingering pain,
Every dawn passed away in vain.

Songs of mourning dove I rejoiced,
The dreams I’d weaved remained unvoiced,
My mind loomed with cobwebs dusty,
The paths ahead I ceased to see.

No warmth could offer me solace,
‘Cause he grew strong in monstrous ways,
Once a guest he’d turned my master,
And enslaved I was forever.

Hark! The silent guest’s name was grief,
He shattered me within days brief.


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