The Siren

The Siren

She lay there, splayed in the cold winter night,
dark charcoal eyes now wide open in fright,
naysayers would claim she didn’t put up a good fight!

She was the epitome of beauty and poise,

a darling of the cinematic world, and coy;
she lived her life and thought with her heart not head,
Real Life Snow White‘ the tabloids said.

He glanced her way and began to woo her at once,

poor siren was swept away, she had no chance,
a whirlwind courtship, a tempestuous romance,
he wooed her with wine, song and dance.

Too soon he wanted to hide her away,

she left her career and was taken to a glass mansion, far away.
For some time the siren was content in her cocoon,
and then one night with a blood red moon,
he returned from his ventures and put a dagger to her heart,
he jealously suspected she had taken lovers when they were apart.

And so she lay there this beauty with not a breath  left ….


Natasha Sequeira
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