The Slap, Oops, The Swap

The Slap, Oops, The Swap

He excitedly waved at his friends across the bar, he was about to break the big news to them. He exchanged pleasantries, settled down with his drinks and finally made his announcement, “Change of plans, she and I are not getting married.”

There was a brief silence before his words sunk in and then their queries started rushing in.

“How? What happened? Did you fight? Does she have a boyfriend?”

“Hold on.” He proceeded to explain. “As you all know, our parents fixed this alliance, back in our hometown. As she and I worked in the same city here, our families decided, both of us would be happy, none of us would have to relocate, it was a match made in heaven, etcetera, etcetera. But turns out, I wasn’t getting married to a smart, independent girl after all. She is a country bumpkin of sorts, a big bore.”

“Why , what did she do?” a friend interjected.

“Oh”, he sighed. “I suggested we meet up every evening after work, but would you believe me when I say, she refused because she preferred going on dates with a guy, only after marriage? Really? I tried reasoning with her, told her it was modern times, but she harped on to her theories. Finally, after lots of coaxing, she agreed to go out with me, but guess what, she needed a lady escort. And, in walks her roommate Saira. We go for a movie, Saira tags along, late nights at restaurants, oh there’s Saira. I treated them for my promotion, she didn’t touch the wine, but of course. Saira and I had to finish off the bottle.  Can’t deal with someone so outdated.”

“Oh, so the marriage is off?” the friends showed concern.

“Who said that? I am getting married, same place, same day. It’s just that, I swapped her with her beautiful roommate. Saira is a good sport and great fun.” He winked.

His cell phone beeped, it was a message from Saira, she was at a nearby pub, waiting for him eagerly. He zoomed off, but one glance at her, he knew she was upset. She was ridden with guilt these days, for having cheated his fiancé.

He was about to say something, but she interrupted. “It’s not what you think. You know, I always had feelings for someone, but I wasn’t sure. We were willing to take our relationship to the next level, but we knew our families would never approve. Then you came along, my parents liked you in a jiffy, but then last night when you left, I got all confused. I talked at length to, you know who, and we both realised we still loved each other and… Forgive me, I am sorry.”

“Oh, so the marriage is off?” he almost wept.

“Who said that? I am getting married, same place, same day. It’s just that, I swapped you with my beautiful roommate.”
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