The Soldier’s Life

The Soldier’s Life

Glowing faces beam, the lanterns burn in a cove
Ginger tea, conversations warm and deep
Growing comraderies, brewing trust on the stove
Glacial winds freezing the promises we keep

Leery soldiers on either side, kill or get killed
Load guns, live before you die, boom! Shoot at sight
Longed to love one last time, desires unfulfilled
Look at the gliding moon on a snowy night

Eyes on the target, brave hearts, odds to defeat
Echoing stirring blows, gusts of wind buffeting
Emerging flashes of fond memories retreat
Enchanting vicious night, bullets ricocheting

Yet, forgetting the cherished life, fighting to win
Yelling war cry, move forward on slippery ice
Young minds in passion, ready to commit the sin
Yearning warmth in death for a glorious price

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One thought on “The Soldier’s Life

  1. How beautifully expressed in sequences and wonderful write up dear Bhawna.. ❤ you always bring that smile on me .

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