The Spooky Melody

The Spooky Melody

Shh! On that couch, my beloved sleeps
Unbeknownst of the danger that creeps
Skin so tender, Ah! Now I’m aroused
In your blood, let me get doused


*Wee-Woo* *Wee-Woo*

“Doctor, please save my daughter!”

“Nurse, admit the patient to ICU immediately.”

**Few Days Later**

“Sorry, we couldn’t save the patient.”

Breaking News: A serial killer is out on the prowl, targeting both young and old for the seventh time in a row. It attacks its victims in the wee hours with a pointy weapon. Some lucky survivors have reported to have heard an eerie tune just before the strike. Detective Brown is investigating the case.

Brown visited the houses of the victims and found that the assailant entered via unlocked doors or windows and attacked its victims while they were fast asleep. All the victims belonged to the same locality, so the culprit seemed to be someone local to that area. He interrogated a few residents and got to know that they too heard some creepy tunes emanating from the nearby tunnel at midnight.

Brown sneaked into the tunnel that night and started laying a trap to nab the culprit oblivious to the fact that a pair of scarlet red eyes were peeping from the extreme corner of the tunnel!

Think you’re the smartest of ‘em all
Laying traps all around the wall
Ah! You look so pale and weary
Let’s play Tom and Jerry

**Few Days Later**

*Tring Tring*


“Mr. Brown, we’ve another victim admitted in Montesbory Hospital. Luckily, he survived the attack.”

“What? I’m arriving right away.”

Turning towards his 10-year-old son, Brown said, “Matt, I’ll be back home late tonight. Make sure to lock all windows and doors before you sleep. Call me in case anything weird happens.”

“Ok dad!”


“Yay! Now I’ve the whole house to myself!” An exhilarated Matt beamed in ecstasy.

He savored all the desserts from the refrigerator and then started watching his favorite cartoon show. 

“Ah! I feel so sleepy!” Matt yawned and cuddled under his furry blanket.

The clock struck eleven.


The unlocked balcony door was pushed open by a fresh wheeze of wind.

An eerie hum pervaded the room.

My, My! Look who’s sleeping
I can hear my heart leaping
Ah! Maybe I might
Just savor you tonight

Alarmed by the tune, Matt sprang from his bed, cowering in fear. With his wobbly fingers, he dialed his dad’s number.


“D-D-Dad, he’s here.”

“Matt, hang on. I’ll be right there!”

**Twenty minutes later**

“Matt, Matt are you okay?”

Brown dashed into Matt’s room and found him panting and huffing, holding a racket. With his shuddery hands, he pointed towards the floor, and “He” lay there, gasping for breath.

Ah! The world looks so blurry
Did I act in a hurry?
Never imagined a fate, so gory
Seems like this is the end of my story

A seething Brown marched towards the gasping mosquito and stomped on him, rendering him lifeless.
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