The Stay-at-home Father

The Stay-at-home Father

The cacophony in the room filled with toddlers and their mothers was replaced by murmurs as he entered. Some ladies giggled for he looked funny holding a tiny cuddly baby girl in one hand, his two-year-old son’s hand in the other and carrying a big backpack. Some greeted him with a respectful smile.

Meet Arjun, a stay-at-home father who had recently started his own consultancy. Tuesday evenings were spent at a nearby library for a story-telling session. Thursday mornings were reserved for early childhood education classes. Weekends were marked by either a visit to the play area or a toy train store accompanied by six months old Lisha.


The phone bell rang.

“Hello Ma! Let me call you back. Lisha is having a bad diaper.”


“Sorry Ma, it took forever feeding the kids and changing them into night-suits.”

Arjun’s mother stormed “Arjun, is this how you want to live the rest of your life? We had warned you not to marry that over-ambitious girl.”

While his dad whimpered in the background, “There is no point talking to your good-for-nothing son. I always knew that girl would make him a henpecked husband.”


He made his kids sleep after his parents hung up on him.

The phone flashed with his best friend’s message. “Is it true that you quit your job to become a stay-at-home father?”

Even before he could reply, the door-bell rang. Doctor Priya, who had recently joined duty after maternity leave, was back after a hectic day at work. She was living the dream of her life only due to the gem of a husband that Arjun was.


The positive silence that descended over the house and the smile of satisfaction on Priya’s face was worthier than the seven-figure salary Arjun compromised.


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