The Story Of My Marriage

The Story Of My Marriage

When I look at how we started 
Both hailed from the same caste down south 
Was smitten by your sassy mouth 
You were jovial and big-hearted

We have been the case of opposites attract 

An extrovert marries an introvert 
From strangers to friends to soul mates
You and I, have come a long way
Perpetually, by each other’s side
In life’s rollercoaster ride

Of late, there exists a huge void 

Endlessly at a loggerhead 
Sleeping like strangers on the bed 
Communication we avoid 

Where did our love evanesce?
Let us rekindle the lost spark
Dwindling is our emotional intimacy
It is frustrating and scary
I yearn for the man I married
Who was my friend, philosopher, and guide

Let us promise to work on our relation
Of trust and friendship, we need to lay a foundation

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