The Stray Kites

The Stray Kites

Orange, red, purple, green, pink and yellow,
Capture our hearts with their colourful smiles,
Dotting the enormous sky vast and blue,
Kites give us the perfect message of life!

Proudly it flutters through the windy skies,
Soaring high yet firmly grounded to roots,
Beaming and flaunting like a happy child,
Who completes the tough puzzle in one go!

Floating through fluffy clouds, swaying with breeze,
With the sun they play, joyful games of love,
Unfazed by heat, groove in their knotted strings,
Spread positivity and cheer around!

Mingling with all, it remains transient,
Go with the flow, never against the wind,
Ups and downs are part of life, says the kite,
Accept the struggles, they take you higher!


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