The Sufi Poet Rumi

The Sufi Poet Rumi

A Persian Sufi mystic and poet,
Litterateur of Masnavi-yi-Manavi –
Six-volume poem, twenty-seven thousand lines
Jalal- al- din Rumi or Mawlana
Expressing his divine love and yearning
For the dervish Shams of Tabriz

Rumi’s love and bereavement for Shams,
Etched for infinity in Diwan-e-Shams –
A collection of Ghazals and Rubaiyat

A whirling dervish who sanctified love,
Preaching to search universe within oneself,
To embrace the experience of wound and pain,
To immerse one’s soul in the essence of love,
Mawlana – the spiritual light,
Guiding one to connect with Universe!

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