The Suppression

The Suppression

Black burqas march, some support Taliban
Shariya laws are imposed
Women in men’s guise strive, make escape plans
Women’s rights are disposed
Spirit of womanhood cries, challenges ban
Post selfies to oppose
Codes, veils, women subservient to clan?
Humanity exposed
Women laugh at God
Adam’s rib borne Eve?
Manu’s women, dependent on men?
Equals juxtaposed 
Legacies are bequeathed 
She procreates for men’s world with elan
Love bites to decompose. 

According to Bible, God created the first man on earth on the 6th day of the creation from dust. Then he created woman from a rib of the man. 

In the Hindu scriptures, Manusmriti believed to be written by Lord Brahama and handed over to the first man, Manu, is a detailed description on dharma. Manusmriti declares that “women must be honored and adorned”, but the text also states, “a woman must never seek to live independently”.

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