The Tech Button

The Tech Button

Life is a button now
The phone or the TV remote
Life isn’t possible now
Without the phone and remote
The soul of everyone control

The talk with the Shopkeeper
The talk with the neighbour
Friends, family and loved ones
Are a thing of past
Controlled by the button

The talk is past
It is only the gadget talk
The sweet exchange is missing
The warmth of relationship
And the dialogue is past

Talking was the exercise
By moms, pops and kids alike
Now this Tech button is the love
Effecting each of us alike
The love of everyone’s life

The past life of dialogue is gone
The mommy group is now Facebook
The papas meet on Instagram
My son has not seen me
Had he not opened his account


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One thought on “The Tech Button

  1. Firstly congrats for writing the tanka on the lost days… its really true.. a click of the Mouse has snatched the good old days … you have created that emotion quite well…Regarding the few shortcomings.. though not a pro in writing but there are a few instances I would like to uphold…1. In the first stanza I guess it would be everyone’s instead of everyone. 2. Quite a number of times you mentioned talk..past.. so if possible just use the other words with similar meaning couse the word “past” sounded repetitive. else a great poem to read.

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