The Temporary  Guest

The Temporary  Guest

Rina was happy to receive Meena, her school friend after thirty years. Both sat down with a cup of coffee on her lush green lawn.

They both were so preoccupied reminiscing about their old pals and school days that they were completely  drenched  in the rain before they even realised it.

Both sprinted inside like teenagers while laughing heartily.

When they were in school, Meena was an excellent dramatists. She used to receive a lot of praise from everyone, and she cherished it all. She used to walk with her head up with pride.

Rina preferred to focus on her studies and did not participate in any extracurricular activities. Not many people noticed her.

Meena was an all- rounder and won a lot of awards in her school Drama and National and Inter School Competition.

As they were each focused on their respective interests they gradually drifted apart.  Meena eventually got married and moved to Australia. For a long time they did not communicate with one another.

Rina was a state Topper and pursued a Doctorate  in literature  and worked as a lecturer  in a renowned Delhi college.

One day Meena was flipping through her Face Book and saw Rina’s profile.
She sent her friend’s request.When Rina initially saw her profile, she was apprehensive to accept because Meena was well- known in Australia. Rina knew she loved adulation a tried to avoid her.

Well, whatever the school.friend  attracted towards  Meena and she accepted  her request.

Through video chat they began to communicate frequently.

Meena’s top priority when she arrived in India was to see Rina. Whatever their disparate of interest, they had a certain pull towards one another. Afterall friends are there to forget and forgive.

Rina called some of her colony friends Meena  When they knew about her popularity in Australia, everyone praised her and she enjoyed the adulation and was ecstatic.

” Adulation from unexpected avenues can bring in zest like magic.”

Well, who doesn’t  like to hear complements and receive praises?

Rina had arranged a lavish high tea with samosas, famous Delhi chats, dahi ballas and two to three sweets.

Everyone relished them and had a great time.They exchanged their mobile numbers  and some youngsters asked for Meena’s autograph and oh! She was so thrilled with all the adulation recieved, she was overwhelmed  and she praised Rina and thanked her for such a warm and beautiful welcome and gathering.

They parted with a promise to be in regular contact.
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