The Things We Made

The Things We Made

Of all the things we made,
Children are the loveliest
With smiles, that never fade

Good tidings in our love nest,
Children bring. Their joy is unbound,
Their predilections, quite modest

In keen eyes, they hold stories profound
It’s not easy to remain stern
With sweet munchkins around

From little cherubs, we should learn
To live in the moment
For tomorrow, have less concern

To look for rainbows in the firmament,
Create our own sunshine
Amidst rains of laughter incessant

Childhood is closest to divine
To be as a child, I persuade
Create our own sunshine
With smiles that never fade

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One thought on “The Things We Made

  1. Such an exquisite piece. Your lines about one creating or bringing their own sunshine genuinely touch the chords.

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