The Tiger

The Tiger

Leading the fauna, the king sans a crown,
Languorous till he harkens his belly growl,
Listening in discord, eyeing with orbs brown,
Lying low for the pounce, a tiger on the prowl.

Embarking on a journey of many miles,
Earmarking his domain, he ambles in solitude.
Earnestly seeking aqueous aisles,
Esse, pursuing quietude.

Man’s greed has his numbers dwindling,
Macabre massacres for his robe with a sheen.
Marring survival, habitat ever-shrinking,
Mainland whittling from the verdant green.

Apex predators, now an endangered species,
Alive a few, they need protection.
Act now, conserve, else we’ll leave only stories,
And pictures for the next generation.

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