The Time to Heal

The Time to Heal

The winter chill was mellowing to cosier days. Bare tree trunks beginning to be festooned with tender green leaves, glistened in the sun’s warmth. Mike and Lyra enjoyed this time of the year as their day started early. They looked forward to being cheered and greeted by human friends. 

“Mike, is it still early?” Lyra questioned with a lazy look around the garden which otherwise would be teeming with humans by this hour.

“Looks like they have decided to take a collective break”, Mike smirked. He wasn’t particularly fond of the human species. Especially the kids who often pelted stones at him as he lay snug as a bug in the bed of leaves. Being the dull brown dog, he never really attracted any attention.

“I’m kind of enjoying the peace Lyra!” he flumped back like a recluse. The atypical quiet was somewhat unsettling. Lyra’s instinct nudged her to explore. Humming softly she rambled along enjoying the mild sunshine interspersed with wafts of cool breeze. 

“Not a soul in sight.” Lyra was worried. “No oldies clanking canes on walkway, no boisterous children running up and down.” The garden wore a deserted look.

She dashed back yelping, “Mike,……c’mon, shirk off the laziness. Something is amiss. It isn’t just the garden but the roads too……there’s a deathly silence everywhere.” Mike was compelled to rouse as Lyra prodded him with her soft furry paw. Normally the roads are abuzz by this hour. He and Lyra often lay low to evade the dog catchers. But today seemed different. 

“I’ll head over to Bruno and see if he has a clue on whatever’s happening?”

“Yup”, Lyra woofed. 

Mike tottered towards the stately villa overlooking the garden, home to Bruno. Their only pal from      ‘the other side’, who had no qualms on befriending the ‘street dogs’.  

Mike’s long wail brought Bruno trotting towards the gate.

“Hey Pal”, Bruno greeted Mike, wagging vigorously. Mike yelped in acknowledgement.

“Buddy! What’s with this eerie silence? Any clue from the human world?”

Bruno’s expression turned grim, “Peculiarly, humans seem terrorised by an invisible enemy, causing unimaginable devastation. I hear panic stricken conversations in the house. All of humanity is caged for a while now.”

“Seems like we will have peace”, Mike wagged his tail, bidding adieu to Bruno. 

With a beaming face he rushed to Lyra. 

“Lyra…..Humans are caged.” Mike pranced hitherto like a kid waiting for an ice cream.

 “Mike…..stop being a nincompoop and get to the point”, Mike was vexing her.

Sensing the irritation, Mike looked warmly into Lyra’s light brown eyes bringing out his best behaviour.

 “My darling…..Bruno has confirmed that humans have to halt the unrelenting destruction. A bizarre enemy is threatening their existence.  It is time when Mother Nature shall heal.” Atrocities on greenery and other species will stop. We too will have a right to free living. 

Mike and Lyra’s happy growls unveiled many happy faces from their mates, the amusing cats, fierce dogs, passionate pigeons and the nervous peacocks.

(Picture Credit : Photo by Ron Fung on Unsplash)


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One thought on “The Time to Heal

  1. Story flew by just like that. Very seamless. You captured today’s world very efficiently with COVID and all that in your story.

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