The Trip to Fairyland

The Trip to Fairyland

I wandered into a lonely meadow,
Trying to get rid of all my sorrow,
Suddenly, I heard a voice; so sweet and mellow,
I turned around and was struck by Cupid’s arrow,
When I saw the young, delicate lass.

Her blue eyes took me to a utopian place,
I was dazzled by her ‘Oh!’ So elegant grace,
I couldn’t get my eyes off her pretty face,
As she held me in a gentle embrace,
Immersing me in a sweet elixir.

With pretty roses that adorned her golden tresses,
She looked bewitching in a silky violet dress.
Her radiant skin glowed in the darkness,
She wasn’t a human, more of a goddess,
Alas! It had to end all too soon.
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