The Unexplored Road

The Unexplored Road

“Sir, it’s too late to start, can you start tomorrow?” a junior manager requested. 

“No, don’t worry

. My next two day’s schedule would be affected adversely,” Alok replied casually.

“You will reach the forest area by 5pm which is not an ideal time, sir,” warned the young executive.

“Thank you for the concern, but I will manage,” Alok was confident.

“Best wishes sir. God bless you!” mumbled the junior.

“Who? God? Have you seen Him before? God is overburdened. I have parents’ blessings,” laughed away Alok.


Alok was a senior manager at a pharmaceutical company in Mumbai. He climbed the success ladder pretty soon. He credited his hard work and consistency for all the success till date.  

He usually entered into arguments with his anyone on the topic related to God. He seldom followed the family rituals and even laughed out at various customary practices. His parents and close friends always warned him of dire consequences for such behaviour but he hardly paid any heed to such warnings.

For an assignment, he had to visit Srisailam Office at Andra Pradesh. Being passionate about long distance driving, he chose to drive rather than choose any other medium of transport. He was thrilled for this official cum adventure trip, as the found the route passed through the dense Nallamalla forest. 

This forest was a Tiger Reserve and a favourite destination for wild-life photographers. All kinds of reptiles found a place of shelter in this paradise of nature.


After completing his assignment, Alok decided to return to Mumbai after lunch. There were intermittent showers and everyone insisted him to stay back. A man of self-belief did not want to waste time and set off targeting to reach Mumbai the next day.

The drive through the city was a smooth ride. He drove cautiously as rains became heavier. It was darker than usual as he reached the outskirts of the Jungle. Putting on his flash lights, he continued the journey.

“Screeech” the car stopped suddenly. The flash lights went off. 

Alok was not someone who would be rattled by adversities. He tried to maintain his cool. A glance at the mobile, and it displayed no network. He thought of alternate options at that moment, but without success. 

Realising he was in the middle of the Jungle, he did not move out of the car. Heavy rains were not helping either. He now was a bit nervous.

Being stationery, he heard strange noises more clearly and suddenly, he saw a huge reptile cross the road leisurely. He froze!!! 

Pushing aside all the negative thoughts, he tried self-ignition one more time. Alas!! Nothing happened.

Perplexed, suffocated in the car, he remembered mother’s words, “God has his unique ways. He will approach when you call Him.” 

Realisation set in. 

With folded hands, and closed eyes, he requested for Divine intervention. 

He tried ignition without much expectations. Whoa!! The machine responded.

Tears flooded his cheeks as he felt choked with emotions. Without assigning any further logic, he put on the flood lights and moved away swiftly.

From an Atheist to Believer, he was now on an unexplored road!!!

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