The Unifying Verdict

The Unifying Verdict

The vast greens of the Jolly Jungle stood still. Even the slightest breeze caressing Mili, the peacock’s feathers stopped on its tracks, listening to the animals prattling at Sheru, the lion king’s court.

Many animals had assembled that morning, expecting a fair judgement. 

“What brings the lovely fauna here today? Let me hear it all,” Sheru’s voice boomed through the woods.

Mili spoke first.

“King, it began with a mild banter about our mythological counterparts that our Puranas glorify…please…don’t give me that look, King. It didn’t originate from my gossips. Chui-Mui is the reason behind.” 

Chui-Mui, the mouse, looked away muttering ‘Hmmmph…!’

“As the discussion meandered towards the Vahanas of our deities, it turned a little nasty,” continued Garuda, the Eagle.

“Little?! Tell the truth,” trumpeted Aira, the elephant.

“Ahem…well…it closed with Kaala trying to stamp Chui-Mui. He scuttled away. Kaala collided head-on into Aira, who sent Mili flying…okay, a little more than nasty maybe!!” Garuda concluded.

Kaala, the forest bull, grunted. 

“Tch…Tch! Patience is a virtue, Kaala,” Sheru advised. He snorted in reply.

“Nobody is as patient as me, King,” sang Hamsa, the swan.

“True…she didn’t butt into the discussion until the end,” hooted the haughty Mili.

“Why would I? I know that I’m the greatest of all, being the Vahana of Goddess Saraswati!” Hamsa replied mellifluously.

Sheru’s eyes narrowed as he got a hang of the conversation which had led to that emergency court assembly. He scratched his chin deep in thought.

“Greatest? You? I carry the God of gods, Lord Shiva. I’m the greatest!” roared Kaala.

“I’m the Vahana of the most benevolent Lord Vishnu. I’m the greatest!” screeched Garuda.

“I carry Lord Indra, the King of the Heavens. I’m the greatest of all.” Aira stomped in fury.

“None of you. I am the prettiest and the greatest. I carry the beautiful Karthikeya on my back,” rattled Mili.

“Though smallest, I am the greatest. I carry the Supreme God Ganesha. ” Chui-Mui gave an ear-splitting squeal.

“SILENCE!” growled Sheru. “I don’t tolerate bickering, folks…on an afterthought, I’m the greatest, for I’m the Vahana of the mighty Durga.” Sheru grinned wide as he declared an unexpected verdict.

The animals were flabbergasted; their faces livid with shock.

“We come for justice and this is what we get!!!” Kaala bawled. 

The sudden uproar was deafening. It even reached the ears of the Gods picnicking amidst a rainbow. The entire fraternity decided to make an appearance in Sheru’s Court.

“PEACE!” Lord Shiva’s voice echoed through the Jungle making hundreds of heads turn. Everyone bowed. Sheru began to explain but Lord Vishnu raised a hand.

“We know details to the T, Sheru. Let’s give our verdict,” He informed and signaled Goddess Durga to speak.

“Nobody is superior or inferior to anyone in this world, dear fauna. All are equal. Everyone of us has a place for himself and a duty to perform. The World is one family. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam||”

The court was immersed in a sea of clasped hands and bowed heads.

Moral :

All of us are the same in one or the other way. Let’s respect everyone for what they are and stop building walls of differences demarcating inferiors and superiors. The entire World is one family.

Glossary :
All references mentioned are from Hindu Mythology.
Puranas – (Sanskrit) Ancient tales of Hindu Deities
Vaahana – (Sanskrit) It denotes the being, typically an animal or a mythical entity that a particular Hindu deity is said to use as a vehicle. 
Saraswati – Goddess of Learning
Durga – Goddess of Strength
Shiva and Vishnu – Along with Brahma, they form the triad, often referred to as Trimurthis (Three Gods). They are the Gods of Destruction, Protection and Creation respectively.
Indra – The King of Heavens and also the Head of 330 million deities (demi-Gods).
Karthikeya – Son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati
Ganesha – Considered as the primitive God to be worshipped first, he is also the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – This Sanskrit verse appears in Maha Upanishad and Rig Veda translating to ‘The World is one family’.


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5 thoughts on “The Unifying Verdict

  1. Unimaginable!Hindu Gods’ Vahanas competing, arguing for supremacy and the concluding thought’,Vasudaika kutumbam’ is like cheery on the icing.

  2. The final realisation of “all being one” would have been more impactful without the intervention of Lord Shiva. The fauna realising this eventually perhaps do to some incident that takes place inside or outside the court. 🤷

  3. Very apt moral and rightly narrated so.
    The best part of your story was that it was quite educational from so many aspects, such as learning about hindu mythology. Although my hindu mythology is a weak, I am learning a lot from writers like you and Dear Shweta Mathur. Lovely story.

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