The Unspoken Friendship

The Unspoken Friendship

The mesmerizing beauty of the wonderland left Munna awestruck. A simple lad, all of 15 years, landed here for a job. His mother was already dead and now his father’s untimely death, suddenly matured him. Through a distant contact he earned a job of caretaker in the Govt. bunglow of Kashmir. The snow-clad mountains, the gushing cascades of milky waters, the lush green meadows, the vast apple orchards, the vibrant tulips, the whole surrounding seemed like a picture.

Amidst such an ambiance, his eyes caught the glimpse of this little girl, resting under an apple tree. She was dressed in a red Pashmina suit, her rosy cheeks blushed under the winter sun. With an intrigued look she gazed at Munna, then fled away hurriedly towards the meadows. But in hurry she left behind her souvenir, her torn floral hat.

Since that day Munna was curious about that little girl and on enquiring his co helpers Munna learnt, that the girl’s name is Yumna. She is a Kashmiri girl who stays in the army camp. Her parents were killed in an attack. Those innocent eyes had already melted his heart and now there arrives a striking similarity, tragedy struck them both at a minor age.

One day, when Munna was sweeping the backyard of the Bunglow, he saw her again standing near the tulip garden. Gesturing he called her. She readily came, but her eyes were searching something.

“Hello, I’m Munna. What’s your name?”

She didn’t reply, but simply inquired about her belonging through hand movements.

“Oh! Your hat? Yes it’s with me. Wait here.” Saying this Munna went inside the servants quarter and minutes later brought back her hat.

That was the beginning….the beginning of a pure, eternal friendship. The bond between two beautiful minds that celebrated a special union. The togetherness of the souls flourished amidst the surrounding hatred of the valley. Their bond was so strong that they became each other’s confidante. Munna came to know that this prized hat of Yumna was her father’s last gift to her.

That day onwards the friends kept meeting; Yumna took Munna to her place where she introduced her new friend with her old ones. They took rides on the Dal lake, strolled on the lush meadows, trekked on the explorable hills.

But fate had something else in store; as one day Munna was accused of stealing jewelry of one of the inmates of that Bunglow. He begged and pleaded to those lodgers that he was a victim; he was framed. But his loud words remained unheard.

Handcuffed he was dragged by the police . Everyone witnessed the scene motionless. His friends, acquaintances knew the truth but dared not to speak.

Amongst the crowd he suddenly saw Yumna; she was staring at her innocent friend helplessly, with welled eyes. Joining hands he nodded in negative. She responded positively.

The 6-year-old, deaf and dumb Yumna, realized the truth but failed to raise her voice.

The unspoken friendship lost amidst the roars of this ruthless world.


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