The Untruthful Liar  

The Untruthful Liar  

“Now, that’s what I love about you , Mr. Truthful, she smiled and hugged him tightly. They were a on a vacation to Pondicherry to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. Their son and his family were in Germany  and their daughter and her family in Canada.

The children had sponsored their trip and booked a room for them in Club Mahendra. They checked into the hotel to relax for three days. Mr. Sharma was thrilled to get a hug from his wife after so many years. Who would not like a hug at this age? He asked her, ” Why this hug and the title’ Truthful’? I have always been truthful to you, dear.” Mrs. Sharma winked cunningly and said,” I will tell you later.”

Poor Sharma ji had no choice but to wait. They had dinner after enjoying two pegs of rum, and while she slept like a girl, he had a restless sleep.

The next morning, Mrs. Sharma leisurely got up and looked at her husband’s face, which had a question mark and looked  at her anxiously. “Chalo my handsome, get ready fast, we will go for a walk on the beach. Both had a stroll on the beach and enjoyed the water kissing their feet.

The early morning water was cool, and they were thrilled like children. They collected pebbles and clicked some photos and selfies to be sent to their children. They were once again a young honeymoon couple.

At the breakfast  table, he was quiet, and she was enjoying his anxious looks wanting to know the truth. She ignored the look and started talking about her younger years, and then asked him about any crush he might have had. She also suggested that they should about it now as they were free. He just looked at her and said, ” Oh! There is nothing to talk about. 

They visited  Aurobindo Ashram and other places and did some shopping. They found a cozy restaurant to have lunch. He asked her to order food and excused himself to visit the washroom. They sipped soft drink and sat silently looking outside and watching people walking around. 

When the dishes were served, Mr. Sharma looked at a dish and exclaimed,” Hey, why did you order this dish.? you know I don’t relish it and you do not make it at home.?” She replied, ” Oh! Then how did you relish with Radhika in your college canteen.?”  He was taken aback to hear this. ” Oh no! Why did I blurt out this secret after so many years?”  He had been educated in Pondicherry and experienced a one- sided crush on Radhika. But that was just a dream world..

Mrs. Sharma held his hands and smilingly and lovingly,” It is ok dear, it is not your fault, it was the fault of the special rum we had last night!  You let out the ‘ truth’ about your romance and I did not want to wake you from your dream world.” 

He smiled sheepishly at his wife and said,” My love , that was the past and I am thankful she never reciprocated my feelings or else how would I be happy to have you as a sweet wife?” Both had a hearty laugh. 

“Serve me two pegs today and I would let out my secret, Mr. Truthful” she told him.


Author’s note
The above story was inspired by the last line of Lavanya P. Kesan’s Quintale 40 The Untruthful Liar


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