The Victory Dance

The Victory Dance

The buffaloes bellowed, the boys shouted, and the birds flew shrieking from the trees. 

The cows bleated in agony as they saw their favourite cowherd take a leap into River Yamuna. 

Krishna! Kanha! Kanhaiya!

His names raged over the waters. The people of Vrindavan wanted their dark-skinned beloved boy back safe and sound. But he had jumped in with a mission. 

Shortly the black waters turned blackish-red as the vile creature released more venom. The desperate voices called him again and again.

But he was gone! Mother Yashodha was so distraught she swooned. Father Nand was no less panic-stricken. I hope he knows what he’s doing. He always seems to know.

“I told you not to bring the child here, Balarama!” Aunt Rohini shrieked at her son. 

“He led us here, mother,” replied Kanha’s elder brother, smiling inwardly. Watch out, evil reptile.  


He lay comfortably coiled in the riverbed, cool and confident that nothing could harm him. 

Vrindavan is the only place I am safe from Garuda, the nemesis of all serpents. And what a place! It is such fun to frighten the hapless villagers! To kill the foolish ones who try to enter the river! This is life! And now this naive, little dark-skinned boy has jumped in. Perfect! It’s been long! I’m hungry for a human. 

His wife tried to warn him. “That child has a divine aura about him. I’m sure he’s special. We’ll go away somewhere else. It is high time we leave Vrindavan in peace. They have been tolerating your harassment for very long.”

“Shut up, you foolish female! Just watch the fun.”

And he spewed more venom. Yamuna became deathly black! Fear-laced shrieks were heard from above sending Kaliya into a giggling fit! What fun, indeed! 

And then he appeared! Unfazed by the venom! Small but powerful! His dark eyes filled with fury!

“Go away from here! Leave Vrindavan in peace.” The intrepid boy mouthed.

Kaliya was shocked. How come my poison doesn’t affect him!

His wife’s warnings rang true. But his gigantic ego shrouded his judgement! He lunged at Krishna who easily caught the snake’s tail and jumped on his gigantic, expanded hood. The surprised reptile found himself pulled upward, his venom, strength, and ego, completely useless! 

The people on the banks stood rooted in the sudden pervading silence, staring in awe at the stunning scene unfolding in front of them. Their beloved Kanha was dancing on the hood of the dreaded reptile, every rhythmic beat reminding the evil creature of the pain he inflicted on others. 

The buffaloes and cows mooed in happiness, the boys shouted in jubilance, and the birds flew, tweeting in delight! The whole of Vrindavan joined in Krishna’s victory dance.

Kaliya’s wife fell at Kanha’s feet. “Forgive him for my sake. I’ll make sure he will never return here.”

Krishna jumped down onto the banks into the welcoming arms of his relieved mother. Kaliya and his wife slithered away hurriedly. 
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