The View from the Top

The View from the Top

As Abhilasha looked at Rahul’s bungee jumping profile picture on Facebook, a single tear slid out from the corner of her eye. She still recalled that evening…


Abilasha stepped out of her Hyundai I10, locking it. She glanced at it again. It was a nice, functional vehicle but it could be better. Thankfully it would change soon. She couldn’t suppress a smile at the thought!

Rahul barely glanced in her direction with World cup fever on. They both loved each other, but it was just how everyone predicted. The thrill in the marriage was gone after ten years. With no kids to tie them down, Rahul and Abhilasha led a good life, with holidays, impromptu weekend getaways, lazy Sundays thrown in. They had no regrets so far and were both successful in their individual careers.

And today opportunity had come knocking again. If only Rahul would agree.

“Rahul, sit with me. There is a match break now. I want to talk to you about something.”

Rahul looked at her and smiled. He still wondered how he had gotten so lucky to have her in his life. Smart, beautiful, successful were the words used to describe Abhilasha wherever they went, and Rahul was so proud of her.

“What’s happening? You are so happy, anything interesting?”

“Yes. Sakshi offered me a promotion. It is just what I need now in my career. We can buy a bigger, better house, a new car. And we can also plan our dream holiday to Australia where you can bungee jump. The only thing is…”

“That’s great news. But what’s bothering you?”

“Well, not bothering exactly. Sakshi suggested a ‘couple swap’. Wait! Hear me out first. Sakshi is really interested as she has met you at the last couple of parties and taken a liking for you.”

“What?? Abhilasha! Are you crazy? How are you okay with this?”

“Well, it is common in the elite class you know! And…”

“Whoa! Couple swapping….so YOU are ready to sleep with her husband too…What’s his name? Have you lost it, Abhilasha?”

“It will only be once. And think about it this way, some spice in our lives too. Lately, things have been kind of monotonous. Maybe Amit and Sakshi are just what we need. Not to forget the luxuries that will follow.”

“Abhilasha, wake up to reality! I never knew that you were so ambitious, although your name means exactly that…I just can’t believe it! My wife, so open-minded. I would never have married you if I had known!”

And a massive row followed. Eventually, Rahul walked out.

Abhilasha was thrilled that a suave man like Amit was interested in her and Sakshi didn’t mind. They both did what they felt like. Abhilasha climbed up the corporate ladder too and enjoyed it while it lasted. But then Rahul was gone forever….


The view was lonely from the top, she now realised. Many Amits had come and gone, but there would never be another Rahul again….


Abhilasha – an Indian name for a girl that translates as Ambition
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