The Winter Beast

The Winter Beast

Here falls the autumn,
And comes the winter beast
I wish I could make a blanket of the last summer sun
And wrap around me before it comes
This one shall hold no mercy
For those who lay shelterless on a cold street
While some admire its beauty
The homeless dread the rise of this beast

Some may not sing carols this Christmas
Or light up the big trees
Though, silently on a cold night, some may pray
To feel again the hot summer breeze
Contrary to their trembling hands through the windy night
Sipping tea are those admiring the beauty of the same night
Coz theirs is no sacrifice unsung
Just a few breaths keeping up with the frozen lungs

While some stroll with piles of clothes on
Their heart hopes for the sooner it to be gone
While the privileged ones create the beast’s romantic tale
I hope to write a different one if this season I sail.


Mansi Babbar
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