The Winter Woes

The Winter Woes

Pristine flakes of snow,
Fall faintly all around.
Kiss the boughs of trees ever so gently,
Cover the earth like a white blanket.
Soft and cold.

The silence is deafening.
Melancholy, the only sound,
Of long winter nights.
Not a creature in sight.
Numb goes my body, my mind.

Icicles fringe the roofs.
Nothing burns like the cold.
The frosty panes,
Blur my memory
Of the spring divine.

Cold hearts,
Frozen monolithic egos,
The slumbering souls,
The chill of these,
Sting worse than the icy needles of pine.

You, me and the bonfire.
Our warm embrace.
The heat keeps us warm.
Nah, I think it’s the love that does.
The only thing about the winter I like.

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