The Witch and the Cat

The Witch and the Cat

On the outskirts of a quaint town, stood a lone mighty oak tree. Perched on the topmost branch was a tree house that housed a witch! 

At dusk, a jet-black kitten sprinted, wailing. Children laughed boisterously. Some days, they tied fire crackers to its tail, while other times, they fed her rice mixed with mud. Today, they emptied a jar of red ants on her. Kitty wailed, rolling on the ground. She dashed across as the troublesome boys chased her.

Alarmed and oblivious, she scrambled over the oak tree into the tree house.

As her agitated mind calmed, she realized that it was the witch’s abode.

Soon, she heard footsteps. A dog howled from far. The witch jumped up in terror and shut the door. Kitty was perplexed. Suddenly, the witch screamed as she noticed Kitty’s shimmering eyes in the dark. Kitty realized that the so-called horrific witch was as horrified as her! She purred softly.

“I’m just a little kitten.”

The witch stepped ahead. “I’m Fiona,” she said, as her racing heartbeat returned to normal. “I live here with my parents devouring nuts, acorns and fruits. My family members are vegans.”

“Vegan witches?” Kitty licked her whiskers, amused.

“My ancestors were ferocious human-eaters, though. The whole town trembled in terror during their time. But my parents got educated from the prestigious ‘Witchford University’, where they were taught compassion and empathy. This year, they flew down to the US to celebrate Halloween.

“Then why didn’t you go?”

“Because I was naughty. They punished me to stay alone.” Fiona sobbed. “Today, some men tried to axe the tree. I guess people know about my faint-heartedness. Soon, we’ll be homeless!”

Kitty growled pitifully. “Inhumane! They are worse than witches… I mean… you know what I mean…”

Fiona nodded.

“We should save your house,” Kitty said.

Fiona’s crooked nose flared up excitedly. “But how?”

Kitty thought for a while. She raised her tail delightfully as an idea struck her.

“Attack the miscreants.”

“But we don’t eat humans, I told you.”

“I never said ‘eat’. Attack them, scare them!”

Fiona removed her hat and scratched her unkempt, knotted hair.

“Ok, just follow my instructions.”

The clock struck 12. Fiona and Kitty ventured on her broomstick.

A group of inebriated men were approaching. Aghast, they witnessed a black kitten flying on a broomstick. She zoomed amidst them. Terror-stricken, they scurried away.

Fiona filled the air with her stinky breath. The whole town couldn’t sleep due to the putrid, rotten egg stench that night. 

The next day, an emergency meeting was held.

“The witch seems vexed since we tried to fell her tree house,” a petrified resident said.

“True, let’s leave her alone. Lest she makes us her meal!”


Fiona and Kitty treated themselves to almond milk and acorn cake. While Fiona’s tree house was saved, Kitty was no longer troubled as people had seen her eerie flight at night. Since then, witches and black cats have been an inseparable pair.

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