The Woman I Am

The Woman I Am

For the moon never gave beams tonight,
Like no traces of its existence, nor light
And no stars twinkle, no bright,
Distinctly I realized it’s starless a night

Only I see a reflection of a sorrowful mistress,
A reflection of a grieving soul
A crestfallen smile that mirrors my own
Only I see this, the darkness, and nothing more

As I try to ponder her thoughts, she ponders what’s mine
And as I move ever so gently, she moves as I did
No it isn’t coincidence that we were moving in sync
We were connected souls, I think

She was woman whose dignity have fallen so low,
Her state of having nothing taking advantage of her
But the art made by the hate they gave
Is when flowers beautifully sprung upon her brokenness

And distinctly I realized, she’s the woman I am.

Kylie Romanillos
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