The World, Our World

The World, Our World

It has water,
it has lands.
Full of slaughter,
By our hands.
Earth is our planet,
Earth is our home.
We should protect it,
as the past has not shown.
Flowers dying everywhere,
birds and animals are gone.
Because of pollution in the air,
the world is all wrong.
Let’s live on the planet peacefully,
Let’s not destroy it.
We’ll use everything sensibly,
and fix everything bit by bit.
Saanvi Dewan
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One thought on “The World, Our World

  1. A poem that is simple yet contains a strong message addressed to every human inhabitant of this planet. For a 10-year-old girl, this poem shows her great potential. Written in plain language,which is one of the essentials in writing poetry, the thoughts embedded in the poem are deep. However, there are lines that, if rephrased would make the poem powerful. These lines are “as the past has not shown” and “the world is all wrong”.

    Keep penning your thoughts, young lady.

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