The Wrapped Gift

The Wrapped Gift

“Again late? Professor was asking for you,” whispered Kavya.

Sunny winked at her and both got busy with their chemistry experiment.

Kavya and Sunny were best pals since school time. Friends nicknamed them Anjali and Raj of KKHH fame. Any romantic connection would irk Kavya.

“Sunny, I just hate when these nonsense minds talk silly about us,” she would say.

“Hey, buddy, what are you carrying in your bag? Seems to be a gift for someone special?” asked Kavya; the naughtiness was evident in her smile.

“It’s nothing. Just a time pass,” Sunny shrugged his shoulder.

“Oh! I thought we know each and everything about each other but it seems you have someone else that you don’t want to talk about,” Kavya was definitely surprised.

Sunny didn’t answer and got busy with assignments.


“It seems you are searching for something. May I help?” asked Sunny.

“Yeah. I had just left my scarf here and had gone just till the washroom but now it is not there. It was my favourite one, you know. You too loved it,” cried Kavya.

“I am sure you will get it soon; no one can dare to touch your stuff,” answered Sunny pressing her biceps. She couldn’t stop laughing.


Sunny was tired; it was a busy day. Yet, he was ecstatic. Though he was sipping his coffee, his mind was somewhere else. He was planning his coming day. 

He opened his knapsack. His eyes lit as he took out the scarf; Kavya’s scarf. Holding it, he went to the bulletin board where Kavya’s pictures were posted.

“Kavya, I know that I troubled you but tomorrow I will return this… I know you don’t have those feelings for me but I have secretly loved you for years.  I am sure my proposal will melt your heart. I can’t wait anymore lest someone else may snatch you away,” whispered Sunny and kissed her picture.

“Kavya, I love you and this is for you,” he tried to rehearse holding the gift wrapped with their favourite scarf.

Next morning, he was all set; his bag had the wrapped gift and scarf. There he saw her coming from the front. She looked jubilant.

“Come here, Sunny. I have fantastic news to tell you. OMG! I am not able to talk.” Her excitement was obvious.

“Guess what? Do you remember that chap Rohit?  Today, he proposed to me and I just accepted it. I didn’t know that he too had a crush on me. Look, what he gave me,” she handed him a book.

A heartbroken, quiet Sunny passed a smile and looked at the book “I LOVE YOU”. He congratulated her and asked for an excuse.

He tried hard to wipe his tears but like his luck, they too ditched him.

He slowly took out the scarf and book and threw them in the nearby bin.

The gift wrapper had torn while throwing the book; it read ‘ I LOVE YOU.’
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