The Yellow Domain

The Yellow Domain

Summer brings with it my favourite fruit,
Mango, the king of fruits, it is to boot
With raw mango pickle, taste buds are tickled
If ripe and juicy, it’s a treat I love to salute!

A taste so rich and heavenly can never be bottled
The fun of licking running juices never equalled
Fresh and golden yellow, sweet and  chaste
Branches laden with fruit seem sun-dappled!

Rich in calories but far richer in taste
Not a morsel, not a drop can go to waste
Enchanted flavour appears to envelop the brain
Kilos it adds to weight and inches to waist!

Harbinger of warm siestas and soothing rain
This emperor of fruits deserves its domain
Coloured yellow, the mango is a jolly fellow
Versatile and tasty, may it’s tribe never wane!
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