There is a Problem

There is a Problem

Kohled eyes, long tresses, sharp nose; it was love at first sight for Raghavan.

It was the first day of his Master’s course in telecommunication. Raghavan was a shy, timid Tamilian; a complete bookworm. It was for the first time, a girl had caught his attention, his fancy.

While attending classes, he was just thinking about that girl. Who was she?

Finally, he traced her sitting at the coffee shop with another girl. He couldn’t wait.

“Hi. Can I sit here?” Raghavan’s anxiety was visible.

“Sure”, she replied.

“Thanks. I have joined the Masters teleCommunication batch. I am Raghavan Kumar from TamilNadu”, he introduced himself.

“I am Simranjeet and she is Sonia. Nice meeting you”, she replied.

“Hmm! So she is a Punjabi. So what? Even in 2 states Arjun Kapoor had married Alia Bhatt”, Raghavan convinced himself.

“Did you say something?” Simran interrupted his thought process.

“No, No. I will go now. Will catch you tomorrow”, he hurriedly left the table. Simran’s giggles made him smile even more.

By now, he was completely besotted by the Punjabi kudi.

Gradually  Raghavan; a gentleman, was able to befriend her. While he appreciated her smart and independent nature, she liked him for his demeanor and humbleness.

It was their first date sans any friend; they visited her favorite  Dhaba.

“What will you like to have?” asked Raghavan.

“You place your order, let me decide what shall I eat today?” answered Simran.

Raghavan ordered for Rice, curd and Mix veg curry.

“Bhaiya, you get my usual order of roti and Kadai chicken”, it was Simran’s turn.

Raghavan was shell shocked; he had never thought about this angle. How will he convince his parents?

“Simi, I guess you like non-vegetarian food”, Raghavan tried his best to sound unperturbed.

“Very Much! After All, I am a Sikh, you know”, she answered candidly.

Raghavan decided to defer any further conversation. He decided to strengthen his relation first though the doubts and worries had already creeped in.

* * *

By beginning of second year, their relationship was well known in the college.

“Raghavan, now we shall disclose about our relation to the families as well”, suggested Simran.

“Simi, I know. My parents will love you for sure. Just one hassle is there.”

“What is that?” questioned Simran.

“We are Tamil Brahmins. Though I am open to that but my hardcore vegetarian parents will not accept a non vegetarian lover as their daughter in law. So, Can you leave eating the non veg food”, Raghavan requested.

Without waiting for a second Simran answered, “Raghavan, lets swap our habits. So you become nonvegetarian and I will eat veg only. This way both of us shall be happy.”

She continued,” Our eating habits shall not be the deciding factor. If you want us to marry, you shall accept the way I am”. She didn’t wait for his reply and left the café.

Simran’s strong opinions had shaken Raghavan. He had decided to marry this girl, no matter what.

* * * * *
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