There Was Something Wrong With Her

There Was Something Wrong With Her

“Seema, let’s go for dinner.  I will fetch you in half an hour,” said Rohan.

“I wish I could but sweetheart I am afraid that we may need to postpone the plan. Since afternoon, my belly is terribly upset. I will have just light food for some days. Let’s plan some other day,” Seema answered hesitantly.

Rohan wondered, “She must be really sick otherwise she would never refuse.”


“Seema, you are looking great in this gown but I had told you to wear my favorite black saree. You know, I just love it,” Rohan sounded upset.

“I know. But it was crushed and I didn’t have enough time to iron it. I will drape it next time for sure,” Seema pecked on his cheek.


“Are you not feeling well? It’s just 2.30 am and you are yet awake,” wondered Rohan rubbing his eyes.

“I couldn’t sleep, the mosquitoes were just biting me,” answered Seema.

But Rohan wasn’t convinced as the repellant was on. “Is there anything that is troubling you? Since last few days, I am observing that you don’t look fresh, rather you seem groggy. “

“Oh nothing, I just didn’t sleep well for last few days. Don’t worry, I just took the pill and will sleep now,’ once again Seema successfully hid reason of her sleeplessness.

Next morning, Rohan was surprised to find Seema not in bed; it was just 5.30 am.

“There is definitely something wrong with her. She doesn’t sleep well. She doesn’t dine with me nor she looks her usual energetic. Is she trying to avoid me? Something is definitely bothering her and I need to find out the reason,” wondered Rohan.

While enjoying their morning tea, Rohan asked her,”Seema, since last few days I have noticed some change in you. You don’t sleep well, nor are you eating well.  Shall we consult some physician if your stomach is still upset? By the way why did you change the gym suddenly? Did anyone misbehave with you? If so, let me know. Something has definitely happened that is bothering you. You can talk to me.”

Seema couldn’t play any more hide and seek with Rohan since he was adamant this time.

“Last week when I had gone to gym, some new boy; he must be a college student, called me AUNTY! He and his friend started laughing at me.  Do I look like an aunty? His remark is giving me sleepless nights since then. I skip my meals and eat only low carbs. Thus I don’t dine with you. That is why I didn’t wear that saree as I would look big. I didn’t tell you earlier as I thought you would laugh at me. Soon, I will attain the zero figure and then will tell that s********” Seema’s voice was stern.

Rohan wanted to roll on the floor but he couldn’t dare, “I understand your predicament.” This was all he could utter.

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