They Are Equal

They Are Equal

‘Sir, the list has been prepared. Please kindly see it. ‘ said Mr. Sharma. Principal of St. Matthew Public School was excited for the Inter-School Football Tournament but as soon as he glanced at the list he became furious. ‘Isn’t our school co-educational,  Mr. Sharma? ‘ Asked the Principal.

‘Yes,  Sir, it is.’

‘Then, why there is no girl participant for the tournament?’

Mr. Sharma smartly replied, ‘It’s a boy’s game Sir and I have strictly instructed our Sports faculty not to entertain any girl to participate.’

Principal slammed the table and stood up, his eyes turned red in anger. ‘Mr. Sharma, we are living in 21st century and you are talking like this? Is there anything a girl can’t do? Now girls are handling offices and even they are in the top ranked millitary services and working with equal dignity with the men.  Don’t you remember Indira Gandhi, she was our Prime Minister. I have a son and a daughter and I never discriminate between them. Both the children equally participate in sports and cultural events. They are my pride. So, Sharma ji encourage our girls to participate in the tournament not only boys. I guarantee you, St. Matthew Public School will bag the winner’s trophy when both girls and boys of our school put their equal effort and play side by side. They are equal Mr. Sharma. Call Mr. Roy and tell him to talk to the girls and encourage them to take part in this tournament.’

Mr. Sharma apologized and thanked the Principal for helping him to come out from his biased mentality. He left the Principal’s office and gave a fresh order to the Sports Faculty to enlist girls’ names for the tournament.


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