Till Another Swap

Till Another Swap

“Eat now.”


“Come on. Eat and swallow.”

“No,” shrieked Medha, the mom.

“Please mom eat,” said an exasperated Aakash the son.

“I am the child today. Remember we swapped our roles last night. You and your sister are the moms,” reminded Medha.

“This is very frustrating mom,” cried Dhara. “You are not even chewing the food. You have had that bite in your mouth for a long time.”

Medha was desperately trying to hide her smile. Her plan was working. The kids were having a taste of their own medicine.

“I want to watch T.V., only then I will chew,”

Exasperated the twins were about to switch on the T.V. when Medha reminded them yet again that she as mom would not have allowed it, so neither could they. The twins exchanged a weary glance. Finally, the breakfast was finished in half an hour. For Medha the Sunday morning had started on a constructive note, not so much for the twins.

After an hour Medha called out, “Moms, you need to fill the water.”

Aakash ordered Dhara to do it. She in turn retorted, “Why should I do it. You do it.”

“Oh fine.”

Medha was sitting on the sofa observing this. After sometime she dropped another bomb.

“Moms, the beds have not been straightened and the washing machine needs to be switched on.”

Even before Dhara could say anything Aakash said, “You do it now. I did the work last time.”

“In case you didn’t hear dumbo, mom mentioned two jobs. I will do the beds, you do the machine,” bossed Dhara.

Medha was truly enjoying the swap. Too bad it couldn’t be done often.

“How do I work the machine?”

She instructed Aakash and then went back to lie down on the sofa.  

Sometime later the cook arrived.

“What should I cook for lunch?”

“Moms, the cook wants to know what should she cook for lunch.”

“How do I know? Cook anything,” grumbled Aakash.

“Cook paneer and paratha,” smiling slyly Dhara looked at her mom. The cook looked at Medha for approval and she nodded, though she did wince as no vegetable would be cooked.

The ordeal of feeding mom was repeated. “We can’t do this for dinner too,” moaned Dhara.

“Yeah, she has asked us to square up the house and order vegetables for dinner,” said a tired Aakash flopping down on his bed.

“You know what we need to do.”


“Then let’s do it.”

“Mom,” said Dhara in her sweetest voice. “We are sorry. We were wrong to think that since you sit at home you are free and don’t get tired.”

Seeing her and Aakash’s eyes tear up Medha hugged them and said, “I am glad you understood my point. All I want is for you guys to do just your little things. Rest I will manage.”

Hearing this the relieved twins smiled.

Medha sighed, of course she knew this would not last.

Well, till another swap.
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