Till We Meet Again

Till We Meet Again

I remember that day so well, 
When the sullen bell, had much to tell.
Unaware, we readied to face the day’s tale,
None knew, what was stored under its veil.

Hush! Hush! Around the corners, 
Shrieks and shrills, of the listeners.
Busy we were, at our chore,
Hence, didn’t dig to know more.

The news spread like a forest fire,
Engulfing each one, who was dear.
It lashed our souls; ripped the hearts,
Shocked, we rushed towards her lair.

She was fervent, full of beans,
Meritorious and human, by all means.
Her mental health wasn’t adverse,
Strange it was, that she decided to reverse.  
God’s will, or her choice?  We know not of.

We lost a friend, a comrade. 
May her soul rest in peace,
Till we meet again.
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