Traditions Don’t Fade

Traditions Don’t Fade

Come on Dad, let’s go and get this over with!” called out Maya impatiently.

“Just loading up the car honey! Come on let’s hit the road!” he beckoned, excitedly.

Since this only happened once in a blue moon, her Dad wanted it to be perfect. Maya and her Dad had had a tradition to go camping at their lake house every year. But as she got older, her Dad found it difficult to spend time with her.

She was 16. A typical moody teenager who had new priorities now. Her Dad took every chance he could to make up for lost time.

“Be safe you two! And call me once you reach!” shouted Mom as they drove off.

The drive up to the lake house was beautiful and mesmerizing. They drove through the tropical evergreen forest. It was lush green, filled with beautiful birds chirping melodious tunes. Of course, Maya didn’t spare a glance to the beauty of nature. She was too busy trying to locate a signal on her phone.

On reaching the camp site, her phone’s battery died.

“Isn’t that just the icing on top!” grumbled Maya under her breath.

Their lake house was located on the fringes of the forest. It had a good old rustic feel to it too. The lake was beautiful too. Its water was crystal clear.
“Sweetheart look, there are so many fishes. Come let’s go fishing,” suggested Dad.

Maya looked at the lake with disinterest but agreed since she had nothing better to do. They sat in the boat for almost an hour until finally something caught in Maya’s rod.

“Whoooaaaaaa!” she exclaimed as she struggled to pull it up.

The pull of the reel was so great that she tripped over and fell into the lake. When her Dad pulled her up, they discovered that it was actually a fishing boot stuck to the hook.

“That shoe put on quite a fight,” said dad mockingly.

Maya burst out laughing.

Her Dad hadn’t heard her laugh in so long. It was music to his ears.

“Come on sweetie, let me pull you up,” said dad extending his hand.

After getting his drenched daughter to the shore, Dad began preparations for dinner.

Since they didn’t catch any actual fish, they had canned baked beans for dinner. Dad took out his old guitar and sang the songs he used to sing to Maya as a kid. Even Maya tapped her feet to a few of them. They then lay under the stars, under the breath-taking canopy.

“This is nice,” said Maya. “I’m sorry I didn’t come around sooner.”

“I understand, you are here now,” responded Dad.

A falling star streaked across the sky.

“Quick! Make a wish!” exclaimed Maya.

“Mine already came true,” said Dad looking at Maya.

Their father-daughter bond had once again been rekindled.


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