“How many times will I tell you Neeta? If you really want him to teach, keep his room neat and tidy, he would learn by himself. Stop forcing your ideology on me.” Viren closed his almira and left.

It was just another day. Neeta was keen on instilling good habits and moral values in their two year old son. And for that she believed a child learns the way he sees his parents. In spite of her constantly saying, Viren used to think the opposite. He would leave his room all messed up with the same expectation in the evening. He would never line up his clothes and would never help her clear the kitchen. It was Neeta, who would keep a regular check to wash, iron, stitch, fold his itenary and keep them updated. 

One Monday morning, Neetu came home after a play date with her son. She saw Viren in the drawing smoking with a glass of wine. She immediately grabbed the cigarette and threw it in the dustbin. Viren slapped her hard. Meanwhile Rohan tried sipping the wine from Viren’s glass. She didn’t utter a word and quietly went inside the kitchen with heavy heart. She made their dinner and went to sleep. 

Next morning, after Viren left for office, she quickly packed their stuff and left for her maternal home leaving a message for Viren. It said, “I can’t live with a person who doesn’t care about his wife and son. You promised me to leave smoking and drinking after I got pregnant and I believed you. But yesterday was really disgusting. I am sorry I can’t stay with you anymore. I can’t raise my son with you. You have ruined my five years of trust and faith.”

Viren realized his mistake and tried calling her but in vain. He determined to change himself for his wife and son. He threw all the soda and wine bottles from the friz and replaced them with juices. He started assembling his stuff daily. He prepared a time table for himself and routine accordingly. He was hopeful someday Neeta would come back and forgive him.

Two months passed. Rohan had his vaccination due. She thought she would quickly take the health chart and leave. She already had the keys of that house. She went inside her room and opened the almirah. She couldn’t believe her eyes. All the clothes were ironed and kept in order. She saw a calender with the daily updates written by Viren. She also saw a note saying. “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?”

She turned back and saw Viren. “I knew you would surely come here today to take his file. I am extremely sorry for hurting you. I am a responsible father now. I have left all my addictions forever. Please come back to stay with me as I can’t live away from you both.” Rohan happily jumped into his dad’s arms and Neeta bought juice for all three .
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