It was a dark night. Jaikishen Saighal, fondly known as JK- the Justice King, was driving towards Brahmapura. He was on his mission to solve a treacherous murder case, inside a treehouse. The darkness in the night never scared him; the haunting murder scenes were always a part of his profession. A criminal lawyer’s world is beyond a detective novel. JK with his investigative mind and intelligence always cracked any murder case like eating a red velvet cake. He was playing his favourite Kishore Kumar songs that took him down the memory lane towards his college life. His college life was so beautiful with a girlfriend.

“A topper falling in love with an average girl and she winning a gold medal, deserved by him.” It had become a world-famous story now in every law college. She winning the medal had broken his trust. He felt cheated and it was rumoured that she copied in the final exams His love turning into suspicion paved way for their parting. A lot happened in their life but he always wished to meet Pinky and wondered how she look today, in her 50’s? 

The romantic songs turned into melancholy as soon as the dark clouds covered the full moon. JK entered the dark scary forest. He was very bold and a spiritual person. Nothing could shatter him. The tree branches fell with a thud on his car but he trusted the supreme power and drove further. He could hear the hissing of snakes and the sound of nocturnal birds. It was already 3 am and he felt a strong headache.

JK had heard that the Jungle of Brahmapura had ghosts residing in the obscurity; he never believed in super-natural powers and he had ignored these stories even before. He played some divine mantras to calm his mind. 

He saw an alluring treehouse at a distance. He wondered:

 “Is it the same treehouse where his client’s father was murdered by his mistress?”

 He could not see a parking space, yet he parked his car in a corner. His torch and his mobile phone were his two companions in every night crime scene. He slowly climbed the devil tree to enter the treehouse. The exteriors were simply beautiful with wild plantations. He pondered what he will see now?

The door opened automatically towards a beautifully decorated room. The aroma candles evoked a sense of romantic feel inside him. He saw a king-sized bed and sat, staring at a painting that resembled Pinky.

“Welcome to Devil Tree.” A feminine voice spoke.

JK saw a wrinkled face with red lips. He stood up to see her face more clearly but the candles extinguished. 

He could just see a red figurine growing bigger and bigger. She was laughing like a witch.

 JK had never seen a real ghost and she hugged him tightly; whispering slowly into his ears:

“Let us spend a terrible night inside this treehouse. You survive if you give me a love bite.”
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