Truth Prevails

Truth Prevails

The waves rolled up and down as the breeze caressed her black tresses. Her mind was in an upheaval as if the tide tossed her thoughts. She was oblivious to the hissing of the waves which drew the sand away from her feet.

“Meenu, get ready quickly, they will be here any moment”.

The image of a beautiful face appeared in the mirror. The hint of despondency showed through the lined eyes and her lips curved in poignancy. 

Yash was immediately taken over by her simplicity and humble behaviour. It was a nod from the entire family. And then the wedding preparations began.

Meenu’s mind and heart were engaged in a tussle. “I refuse to get married to Yash, Mom and Dad will have to bear the brunt. Relatives will gossip and Dad will have to face criticism”.

“Adi, I am sorry, but I could not share the truth with my parents”.

Adi held Meenu’s hands and gently gave her reassurance.” All will be okay, Meenu.Don’t ever turn away from veracity and honesty. Also, remember that your parents have nurtured you and given you an identity. Their love and affection are supreme”. Meenu’s tear-filled eyes had gratitude for Adi.

The following nights were filled with turmoil and tear stained pillows.

Yash was a cheerful and straightforward young man. He was a voracious reader and enjoyed discussing books and authors with Meenu. She maintained the facade of engaging in the talk and was carefully observing social etiquette at all times. But her conscience pricked her like a sharp thorn. She wisely postponed the major shopping of trousseau. She was not convinced about her affirmative answer to the alliance.

“Meenu, could we meet in the evening. There is a nice book exhibition at the museum.”

“Oh sure Yash, Meenu said excitedly. Yash noticed the elation which was not there earlier.

They walked through the exhibition arena, browsing books and discussing. A few books were picked up.

“Yash , there is a nice cafe nearby, let us go there for some coffee”.

They entered the place which had a friendly look. As they sat at the table sipping coffee, Meenu seemed to have become quiet and engrossed in deep thought.

“Yash, there is something I want to share with you. I hope you don’t feel offended or let down”

Yash was calm as ever and his gentle smile put Meenu in a comfort zone.

“Yash, I have seen the best friend and human being in you. But I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with a burdened conscience. I love someone and we are committed. My mind and heart have not allowed me to say this earlier. But it would be unfair to keep you in the dark”.

Yash paused for a moment, “Meenu, I liked you at the first instance for your innocence and honesty. I respect your feelings and I am glad that you trust me enough. I will take care of my family. Remember, truth prevails”.

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