Turn Back the Clock

Turn Back the Clock

Mrinalini was excited to test her ten years of hard work seated quietly in front of her. After reciting her prayers, she entered the details while her mom’s voice ringed inside her mind.

Mru always remember nine is your lucky number.”

Her hands trembled as she hit the ‘GO’ button.


It took a while for her to see clearly. On a click, her device turned to a wristwatch.

Where am I?”

Still wondering see looked around.

This looks like a factory.” She went closer and peeped through the windows.

I can see employees arranging boxes of. . . Ah! Those look like fireworks. First, let me talk to someone.”

She took a few steps and noticed a person walking unsteadily.

 “Excuse me” she stopped him. He stood and looked at her.

“Why are you roaming outside? Go to the packing section” he told in a commanding tone.

“Sir! I am a visitor. Can you please tell today’s date?”

He starred at her.

“Are you trying to find if am drunk? Then, you should ask ‘What is the time’ not the date.”

“No Sir, please don’t mistake me.”

“Now I understand. That supervisor has asked you to check if am consuming alcohol during working hours. I will show him who this Parasuraman is,” he started to walk in the opposite direction.

Mrinalini clicked her device.

“Such a wrong choice. Let me get back.” Feeling vexed she entered ‘2099’ against the lever ‘Year’.

***Before Mrinalini’s adventure – 9th September 1999 – Live News

“The explosion in the factory was caused by a worker named Parasuraman when he accidentally threw a burning matchstick in the stockpile. Nine people were reported dead.”

Mrinalini altered the timeline saving nine lives as she distracted him unknowingly. Can you inform her that nine is her lucky number?


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