Twilight by the Sea

Twilight by the Sea

Twilight descends bedizened in crimson,
Heralding the union of day with night.
Is it a battlefield of the heavens
Or an artist’s canvas splattered with red?

The lazy palms undulate in unison,
Acquiescent to the gentle sea breeze.
A boat emerges at the horizon,
Brimful with the day’s abundant bounty.

A peddler winds up humming merrily,
The children’s laughter echoes and merges
With the tidal whoosh at their tiny feet.
The birds retreat homeward in synchrony.

A blissful couple whisper sweet nothings,
Sand between their toes, love warming their hearts.
Oblivious to time, lost to the world,
Their amour mirrors the red of the sky.


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