Twilight Thoughts

Twilight Thoughts

In twilight of my austere life
My weary soul intensely stirred
My meditative mind is rife
Boldly rational vision blurred.

Familiar fragrance wafts 
In the evening air it rafts
Is it scent of love?
A letter brought by the white dove
Evokes an elated feeling of love
Holding my soul aloft.

Seek splintered memories dispersed
My earthly existence in strife
Familiar fragrance of past life
In the evening air it is traced.

Familiar figures rap on memory door
Refuses to open but taps the floor
A game of hide and seek
Memory is so bleak
I try to restore memory so weak
Dying embers of passion soar.

It is now futile to shed tears, I must overcome my fears
Leave behind a love river flowing with my name in the noble legionnaire.
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