Purple dust shimmers bright
Across the gloaming sky
Where the drifting clouds seek
A new identity
Imminent but unclear
Loud and hushed all the same

Compulsive rhythms of day
Wane in the looming night
The seeker returns safe
To his warm burrow yet
New possibilities
Fill his mind in hindsight

The opacarophile
Watches the horizon
The soft glow comforts her
Her loneliness melts in
The watercolour haze
On canvas of the sky

Somewhere, a soul reflects
In the dusk of her life
On many twilights seen
Her creased skin embodies
A rickety memoir
Of the golden days gone

The Twilight strums away
A warm homecoming song
Of the stars and the moon
A silent serenade
Gloriously at peace
With divine creator

Nocturnal sea awaits
Consciousness to flow in
Acquiesce, mellow down
Prepare for the future
By drawing dreams in the
Palm lines of tomorrow
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