Twinkling Dreams

Twinkling Dreams

Lighting up my mind’s cobbled alleyway
Lively, buoyant dreams rebooted my soul
Love and glee enveloped me straightaway
Liberated to feel replete and whole

Igniting thousands of dying cinders
Iridescent hopes bounce back to soar high
Inked with certitude, conflates my flinders
Ipseity rekindles, wistful brine bids goodbye

Gleaming hopes ripple; abysmal memories drown
Garbs of darkness fade into obscurity
Giggles, chuckles smother sinister frown
Goading me to nurture dreams with sincerity

Layers of shimmering dreams pace through dark
Lilting in the golden chink of soul light
Luminous, twinkling with cauldrons of spark
Like a shooting star magical, surreal sight.
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One thought on “Twinkling Dreams

  1. The most poignant poem. The words the thoughts the feel everything touches the heart. Wonderfully inked.

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