Two faces of courage

Two faces of courage

Dreaded by all for her scalded face, she was made an outcast overnight,
shallow kin with eyes set on skin, would often taunt her with sarcastic puns.
Yet she is so full of life, his love would keep her disposed in this worldly fight,
In the depths of his heart, she still shines with the brilliance of thousand suns.

Some said it was her choice; her provocation that night led to the brutal assault, 
while most bowed to that atrocity, the Brave-heart chose to stand her ground.
She has no regrets today, for her firm conviction in her courage was not a fault,  
acid attack left her in a world, where abomination to the ugly is quite profound.

In a myriad of beings devoid of heart, the maiden found the love of her life,
enticed by her angelic mind, he sought her company till death did them part,
Her scars couldn’t bother him less, a smile always made her the prettiest wife, 
amidst archaic men donning the masks of chivalry, indeed he was a man apart.

Not for pity but in admiration of her grit, he fell for her, heels over his head,
‘His big heart and her broad mind’ are the Crown Jewels that teach us all,
that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and not in the colour of skin instead,
only then we can build a compassionate world, that can have us humans walking tall.

Satish Kumar Prabha
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One thought on “Two faces of courage

  1. A great story of courage presented poetically. This poem is an example of how, if given the chance, people find the purpose to move on and do well in life. While women are encouraged to stand on their own, it is also true that they perform well and better if help is extended to them. However, the long lines do not complement the beauty of rhyming lines since the length hinders the mind from registering the rhyming effect easily. There are missing articles (a and the) in the poem along with a few words that are not used properly (e.g. abomination). Also, the poet mentioned about ‘the color of the woman’s skin’ without a description of her being black. Notwithstanding these minor errors, it is a good poem on an important subject. As a poet, you have rightly tackled topics that make great and memorable poetry. Keep it up.

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