Undefined Love

Undefined Love

Stark white hair adorned his wrinkled face 
No words he spoke nor heard the cacophony around 
Alas! He was blind and deaf and bereft of spoken words.!
Spirited and effervescent, a lassie all of nine I was 
Of an age that did not echo with deep sentiments 
Yet we both became friends through life’s rigmarole 
We scribbled randomly on each other’s leaf plain palms

As our deepest emotions were conveyed through the soul
Then one day as I scribed “It’s time for me to go” 
For a moment everything came to a complete standstill 
And continual tears flowed down his ashen face
Those heart-breaking words many times he erased. 

He understood it was eventually time for him to let me go 
Though eons have passed, the yearning remains timeless 

We shared an indescribable and priceless bond then 
A perennial smile adorns my now wrinkled face 
When those fond memories come flashing by
Of unconditional love that was rare and sans any definition. 
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One thought on “Undefined Love

  1. I felt the sadness in this piece but something bothered me, the capitalization. I suggest you would properly capitalize the beginning of sentences only so that the reader may know what’s the complete thought of one.

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