Under The Purple Sky

Under The Purple Sky

Dressed in colorful attires men and women twirled while renting the air with the slogan “Love Is Love”. The dying clinkers in the stub stung Anand’s finger as he watched a lanky man sneak out of the parade. 

“One cup tea, please,” he gestured to the little boy.

He looked around and lowered his gaze like he didn’t want to be noticed. A few minutes later, another man came and sat by his side. They looked at each other, their eyes displaying ferocious wanting. Under the comfort of the bench their hands were inextricably intertwined.

A deluge of memories flooded Anand’s mind. His heart gave a resentful jab. He let out a loud snort. The couple glared at him and his cheeks flushed. 

“I’m sorry,” mouthed Anand. 

Unshed tears formed in his eyes as all the ache broke free. 

“It’s better we part ways,” Anand had convulsed with emotions. 

Arpita’s muscles tremored like she was completely disoriented. 

“How could you even say that?” her lips trembled. 

“Your life is all about work. Then comes your family. I stand last,” he snarled. 

“I love my job. My work demands time and my parents need me. I’m their only daughter, Anand. You were recognizant of all the facts before our wedding,” her legs shook.

Not bothering to respond, he had stormed out of the house. He returned an hour later only to learn that Arpita had left him for good. A month flew by. Neither of them made an effort to reconcile. 

That morning was bad for him. The divorce papers that fluttered in the air were a testimony to Arpita’s choice.

“Are you okay?” a voice jostled Anand to the present.

Anand realized that he had been staring at the couple for far too long.

“I was lost in my thoughts,” Anand looked away.

“I’m Dr. Kiran and that’s my partner Rudra,” spoke the lanky man and handed Anand a water bottle. 

He downed its contents in one go. 

The words “Divorce Notice” printed in bold on the papers Anand held were hard to miss.

“Trouble in paradise?” asked Kiran.

“My home was never a paradise. She neither loved me nor understood me,” blurted Anand. 

He wasn’t sure why he opened the can of worms before a stranger. 

“You love her. Those beads affirm your love,” empathized Kiran.

“What do you know about love?” Anand’s words reeked of disgust.

“Every heart speaks the language of love. We may not fit the mold. But our love for each other is pure,” Kiran choked.

“Unlike you, we don’t give up on each other,” added Rudra.

He held Kiran’s hands and walked away without waiting for Anand’s response.

Their words made Anand pause and ponder. Arpita’s endearing eyes flashed before him. His lips curved into a smile and calmness enveloped him.

Deciding to give their relationship another shot, “Let’s talk, Arpita. We can rebuild our little world together,” he typed away on his phone and stared at the purple sky in anticipation. 



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One thought on “Under The Purple Sky

  1. I liked the simplicity of the story. And the moral behind it. It projects how true love doesn’t know gender and how it could change lives for good.
    The language and grammar are in place and it’s a pleasant read.

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